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Web Development Profile

My Experience

  • Web Certified: completed official university education on web development, design and security
  • 5 published sites: 3 company sites and 2 sites for individual/blog use
  • Visual Design: I design my own creations based on current trends, client wishes and best practices
  • Programming: I program all sites myself using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL as needed
  • Branding: I have experience in logo design, creative content writing, editing and digital graphic art

Benefits and Functionality

  • Custom-made: I don’t use templates, so each site is unique and built to the specifications of the needs and wishes of the client
  • Responsive design: Responsive programming allows each page to specifically fit the resolution and available space of the current actual screen, and adjusts user experience depending on mouse vs touchscreen interactions
  • Thoroughly tested: I ensure that a site is accurate and visually pleasing on all the main browsers, operating systems and devices
  • Advice and questions: I can offer information and recommendations regarding a myriad of other website topics such as domain names, hosting, security and more

Want to see the above in action? Test this site!

  • Open on your phone and computer, or just resize your browser to see my responsive design at work
  • Enjoy pure CSS animation and transition effects for better visual effect with efficient load-times
  • Quick loading and optimized for both touch and mouse interactions
  • Secure form programming to reduce/eliminate bot spam