Hi, I'm Shawna

Analytical, Creative & Passionate About Learning

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Services I’ve Been Known to Offer

I enjoy doing a wide variety of creative and technical projects. Whereas I do some things just for the pleasure of learning something new, I’ve also worked on specific commissioned projects for clients. If you are interested in seeing my freelance work examples, explore my portfolios below.

Juicy Personal Facts

Photo of Shawna Brown traveling by a river

My Story

I was born and raised in Canada, and though I’ve lived in lots of different cities in three different countries, I will always lovingly keep my Canadian nationality. I did my higher education in the United States, and then I traded the North American life for a chance to experience European life. I currently live and work in the Netherlands with my Dutch partner. Whenever possible I add new pins to my world travel map (rule: no pin unless I’ve had at least 1 overnight in that country!)

Possible reasons I love travel:

  • I love variety
  • I'm amazed at human capacity for adaptation
  • Self-improvement makes me incredibly happy, e.g.
    • Learning new skills, languages, cultures, ways of thinking, etc
    • Challenging myself
    • Having experiences that broaden knowledge and perspective

Other things about me:

Creativity is my favorite. Creating not just visual art, but also creating ideas/innovations/experiences

I’m also a huge fan of data, research, science and analysis

I’ve always been a little different, so I embrace it – being unique is more important to me than fitting in

I love games and puzzles! Probably because those also involve taking something complex and analyzing it to find core themes and meanings

I prefer reading a story to watching it as a movie – though I’ll happily do either one if it is about an intriguing topic that you’ll indulge me in discussing afterwards

Professional Setting

As a professional, I am reliable, data-driven, and if given the freedom to do so, I am good at finding and implementing improvements to systems, processes and workflows. Clear communication and transfer of knowledge and information are things I value highly in my personal as well as professional life.

Let's Get in Touch

I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message and let me know if you're interested in discussing a freelance project, contracting some artwork or chatting about a work opportunity. I will also gladly accept an invitation to discuss the latest book you're reading or your experience in learning something new. If you happen to be in the Netherlands, let's set up an in-person meeting! I'll even buy you a coffee...or beer, your choice ;)